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The Greek Orthodox Community of South Australia proudly presents Adelaide’s Hellenic Cultural Festival ODYSSEY, celebrating 14 years of Greek culture in South Australia this year.

We invite the whole community to come celebrate with us and enjoy every aspect of Hellenism through the arts and entertainment.

Feel the cultural pulse with this year’s theme “Education Through Greek Arts” and indulge your senses with the sounds and the colours of Greek Arts as captured by the artistic eye.

The Odyssey Festival features a huge variety of cultural events and productions, from Australia and Greece, catering for all ages and all tastes.

Experience the arts from every angle with a dose of Hellenism through sculpture, painting as well as handicraft and costumes.

Enjoy a variety of comedy theatre productions and revisit the Greek 60s with a special music dress up night dedicated to the golden era of music and fashion.

Greek cinema fans, get ready for the latest films from Greece as the 26th Greek Film Festival kicks off in October featuring top comedy and drama films at Palace Nova cinemas.

From October 4 to November 17 Adelaide’s vibe turns Hellenic and we invite the community to be part of this exciting time.   

The official program and other announcements will be published very soon, so stay tuned for updates and information on how, where and when you can enjoy your favourite Odyssey event or events.

Adelaide’s 14th Hellenic Cultural Festival ODYSSEY!

The heart of Greece, beats right here in Adelaide!


Following last year’s success of the Schools Pastry-Making Project, this year students will have the opportunity to delve deeper in to the secrets of traditional Greek cuisine.

Looks like the October school holidays are expected to be more productive and full of “taste”.

The Schools Cooking project will feature a series of cooking lessons conducted by a group of volunteers with great knowledge on traditional Greek cuisine, ready to showcase the next master chefs.

Olympic Hall will turn to a cooking workshop, with cooking stations set up around the main area and eager students learning how to master the making of traditional Greek dishes.

And as the saying goes “ Business with pleasure”, it couldn’t be a schools cooking event without a great lunch and fun games.

This is the ultimate experience of Hellenic culture for the younger generations, as we witness the passing of traditions from the older to the younger.

The Schools Cooking Project has been scheduled for Wednesday the 9th  of October at Olympic Hall, 288 Franklin Street, Adelaide, at 10.00am.

Participation fee $5.

For bookings you can call us on 8231 4307.


A film/documentary that touches on a very sensitive humanitarian issue, that of the refugees in Greece.

Coming from war-stricken zones, they flee their countries in search of safety, stability and a better life.

The film tells the story of humanity and light during one of the darkest times in recent Greek history, when tens of thousands of refugees passed through small towns and villages, fleeing war back home for the safety of Europe.

Not all were welcoming but many Greeks, including the Greek Orthodox Elder Christodoulos and dozens of his faithful supporters, shared their generosity and solidarity with the refugees, illuminating the capacity of a crisis-ridden society to change the world.

At the monastery of Panagia-Fovera Prostasia (Virgin Mary of Great Protection) in the village of Megali Panagia near Thessaloniki, Christodoulos and his team prepared thousands of meals and other supplies to bring to the refugee camp in Idomeni.

The film presentation has been scheduled for Wednesday the 16th of October at Olympic Hall, 288 Franklin Street, Adelaide at 7.30pm.

Entry $10.

For bookings you can call us on 8231 4307.


The first of the two theatrical plays, lined up for this year’s Odyssey and titled “Black Humour”,  comes directly from Greece.

It is a hilarious play  by Lakis Michailidis, starring Eleni Tsefala and Stamatis Tzelepis.

A classic comedy featuring four one-act plays, all having death as the common denominator.

With sharp and sometimes politically incorrect humour, this play puts funeral wakes on the satiric microscope as it deals with those who mourn their loved one who has departed this earth.

Husbands, wives, colleagues and rivals alike, all have their own way of dealing with the loss which isn’t always what it looks on the outside…

Music by Zak Iakovidis and Michalis Bosios and lyrics by Vasilis Giavris.

The play has been scheduled for Sunday the 20th of October at Olympic Hall, 288 Franklin Street, Adelaide at 7.30pm.

The play will be followed by a book presentation of Eleni Tsefalas’ latest publication “100 YEARS OF GREEK THEATRE IN AUSTRALIA (1910-2010), presented by Dr. Maria Palaktsoglou, Lecturer in Modern Greek language and culture in the Department of Language Studies, Flinders University.

Entry $15.

For bookings you can call us on 8231 4307.


When we think of the Greek 60s, we think of great music, unforgettable films and out-there fashion.

This year’s Odyssey will take you back in time with a special event full of classic hits, outrageous fashion and great atmosphere, all with a hint of nostalgia as we revisit the golden era, the 60s.

Enjoy a night out under the sounds of the greatest songs ever written and the most beautiful films that they accompanied.

Greek band ‘Music 3000’ with Niko Arabatzi, Polixeni and special guest from Melbourne Niko Koutsalioti, will stage a music show featuring all the famous hits, adored by thousands of music fans and echoed around the Greek tavernas in the 60s.

The Taverna 60s Dress up dance has been scheduled for Saturday the 26th of October at Olympic Hall, 288 Franklin Street, Adelaide, at 10.00am.

Proceeds from the event will go towards covering costs of traditional costumes purchase for the Dance Academy.

Participation fee $25 with food.

For bookings you can call us on 8231 4307.


The traditions, colours and sounds of Macedonia and Thrace will come alive at a spectacular show presented by the Community’s Dance Academy.

The music and dance spectacular titled ‘Kaneloriza’ (Cinnamon root) is a mega production, incorporating dozens of dancers (students of the Academy) and musicians from Adelaide and Melbourne.

The two-hour show will stage dance presentations representing the two historical Greek regions of Macedonia and Thrace, enhanced by the colours and exquisite costume design than never ceases to impress.

Kaneloriza has been scheduled for Saturday the 2nd of November at Scott Theatre, at the University of Adelaide on Kintore Avenue, at 7.00pm.

Entry $20.

For bookings you can call us on 8231 4307.


The second theatrical comedy (and the final Odyssey cultural event for 2019) promises exactly that: Just great laughs that go beyond fear to ridicule the reality of things.

This hilarious play is written by two of Greece’s most acclaimed theatre writers, Thanassis Papathanasiou and Michalis Reppas, titled “Babades with Rum. Babades are the famous Greek cakes

The plot:

A man who has just recently won 4 million euros on the cross lotto, has a stroke.

Heirs to his money and assets are his two sons, the next-door neighbour who has been there for him and seems to know everything about him and a nurse from Bulgaria who’s been by his side looking after him.

His two sons, the next-door neighbour and his Bulgarian nurse, all get in to the battle to claim his will.

It is the moment where morality and conscience cease to exist and everyone is trying to outdo each other, ironically in a “sweet” way.

The famous sweets “babades” with some added poison to the syrup  will be the way to go, literally!

The play is scheduled for Sunday the 17th of November at Olympic Hall, 288 Franklin Street, Adelaide, at 7.30pm.  

Entry $20.

For bookings you can call us on 8231 4307.


In 2019 Adelaide’s Hellenic Cultural Festival ODYSSEY celebrates its 14th year as the Greek Orthodox Community of SA Inc. (GOCSA) once again presents a series of exciting arts and cultural events starting on October the 4th, 2019.

With this year’s theme being “Education Through Greek Arts”, in 2019 Odyssey will celebrate Hellenism through Art, Education, Theatre, Music and Festivities:

The Celebration of Art:

As part of our Odyssey celebrations, we once again intend to feature the talented works of local artists as part of the Art Exhibition, which is held throughout the duration of the festival at its hub in Franklin Street, Adelaide.

We are seeking expressions of interest from young and new artists with a love for Hellenic culture to display their works based on the theme ‘Education Through Greek Arts’. The art work selected by an eminent art judge, will be awarded “The Odyssey Art Prize” of $1000 First Prize, $600 Second Prize and $400 Third Prize.  

We are seeking creativity in all forms, be it painting, drawing, print making, ceramics, sculpture or any creative art form, with the theme of ‘Education Through Greek Arts’  being interpreted any way the artist wishes, be it relating it to modern day or historical. The winning piece will become a permanent fixture in the Greek Orthodox Community gallery and non-winning pieces will be available for purchase.

We request that your artwork be ready to hang by Friday 27 September 2019, with the winner announced at the launch on Friday 4th October 2019 at Olympic Hall.