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Hundreds of members of the Greek Orthodox Community of S.A. and of the broader community, as well as Members of Parliament and representatives of local Greek Associations paid their respects to the late Bill Gonis OAM, President of the Greek Orthodox Community, as he was farewelled on Thursday 12th of May at the Cathedral of Archangels Michael & Gabriel.

The funeral service was attended by the State Premier Mr. Peter Malinauskas, the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Mr. Tom Koutsantonis MP, Ms. Andrea Michaels MP, Minister of Micro-Enterprises, Consumers and Fine Arts, Morphett Liberal MP Steven Patterson, Ms. Jing Li, Member of the Legislative Council, Mr. Russell Wortley MLC, Mr. Steve Georganas MP, Mr. Michael Coxon, Mayor of West Torrens, Mayor Angela Evans of the Charles Sturt Council, Mr. Frank Pangallo and Mrs. Connie Bonaros from SA Best and the Vice President of the Cypriot Community SA Minas Louka.

Both inside and outside the church, the atmosphere was emotionally charged, and dozens of wreaths covered Bill’s coffin.

Particularly moving were the words of Peter, the late Bill Gonis’ son who described his father as “his hero” whom he will miss forever.

Eulogies and messages were delivered by Bill’s daughter Betty and other members of the family of the deceased, representatives of the Greek Orthodox Community of SA but also by representatives of associations that had worked closely with Bill before and during his term with GOCSA.

Messages of condolences were sent to the Greek Orthodox  Community of South Australia by the sister Communities of Sydney, Newcastle NSW and St. Albans Victoria as well as by the Minister for Multicultural Affairs in South Australia Zoe Bettison, the Greek Consul General Mr George Psiachas, Mr Ioannis Chryssoulakis, General Secretary for Greeks Abroad of the Office of Greek Foreign Affairs, the Hon Jane Stinson MP and former MLC Julian Stephani.

The Greek Orthodox Community of South Australia once again expresses its sincere and warm condolences to Mrs Christine Gonis and the rest of the family.

Bill, was laid to rest on the same day at the Centennial Park Cemetery. He will always be remembered and will live forever in our hearts.

For the Greek Orthodox Community of South Australia


Peter Ppiros

General secretary

 Date: 16 May 2022

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Historical Overview:

In the late 1920s two Greek organisations were formed in Adelaide, the Castellorizian Brotherhood and the Apollon Society. There was, however, no large body that could represent the needs of all Greeks, liaise with government departments and establish a church in Adelaide. So a meeting was held at the Panhellenion Club, 122 Hindley Street, on October 5, 1930, at which the Greek Orthodox Community of South Australia was founded. Within a year Adelaide’s first Greek school was established. In the early 1930s the community had just over 100 members. It was both a religious and cultural body.

Greek South Australians could not afford to build a church straight away. From 1930 Archimandrite Germanos Eliou held Greek Orthodox services at the hall of Holy Trinity Church near the Morphett Street Bridge. After much fundraising and hard work the Greek Orthodox Church of the Archangels Michael and Gabrielle was inaugurated in 1937. Metropolitan Timotheos Evangelinidis acted as priest and intermediary between the church and the community.

During the Second World War the Greek Orthodox Community continued to thrive. It participated in fundraising to assist the Allied forces in their fight against fascism. The community’s membership increased from 100 in 1940 to 275 in 1944. In 1944 the Hellenic Youth Club was established. After the war the Greek Ex-Serviceman’s Association and the Panhellenic Society were formed.

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Greek Community

In 1975 the Dunstan government recognised the need for a liaison between the Premier’s Department and South Australian cultural groups. In that year the premier appointed two officers to be responsible for the affairs of the Italian and Greek communities. Ms Eva Koussidis was appointed as the state’s Greek Inquiry Officer. Ms Koussidis advised the government on matters relating to Greek affairs and provided the Greek community with direct access to state government.

In the mid 1970s the first official lesson in the Modern Greek language was held in a South Australian high school. By the early 1980s it had been adopted at all levels of the South Australian education system. During these years a number of homes were established for elderly Greek South Australians, and Greek welfare service organisations became widespread. At the same time Greek cultural days and celebrations were established in South Australia. They include the Glendi Festival, the Dimitria Festival, the Festival of the Epiphany and numerous other smaller celebrations.

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