Church of St Nicholas

Foundations laid 1969

The church of St Nicholas was initially a privately-owned chapel and was built by the Rev. Father K. Karamanlis.

The Greek Orthodox Community purchased this church and its adjoining function centre following the requests by the local worshipers who had contributed to its construction who had embraced it with love and affection. The Rhodians of SA in particular have chosen it as their own and have donated two beautifully painted and silver plated icons of Theotokos Panagia Skediani and Panagia Tsambika, venerated in their native island of Rhodes. The icon of St Irene Chrysovalantou is also venerated at this church.

Vicar: Fr Andreas Kollas


Address : 65 George St Thebarton SA

Tel: 08 8231 4307

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St. Nic Church

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