The 1916 ‘Secret Census’ of Greeks: Monitoring a ‘Suspect Community’ Lecture

Monday, 9 October 2023

Yianni Cartledge’s and Professor Andrekos Varnava’s presentation examines the covert 1916
Australian ‘secret census’ documenting names, businesses, demographics, and more of Greek
people and businesses. It aimed to assess the potential internment of Greeks if Greece joined
the Central Powers. The presentation also delves into attacks on Greeks, anti-migrant sentiments,
wartime loyalty concerns, and naturalisation issues, monitoring Greeks as a ‘Suspect
Community’ via the ‘secret census.’ Their research challenges accepted Greek population figures,
with South Australian focus.

Complimentary refreshments and nibbles.

LOCATION:            Ikaros Hall – 24 Arthur Street, Unley 5061
TIME:                      6pm arrival for a 6:30pm start
TICKETS:                 Free